APEX 2019 Los Angeles

APEX 2019 Los Angeles

This year at APEX 2019 we showcased three new apps to the IFEC industry. To find out more information on our work and applications contact us at marketing@ackila.com

Layover Likes – the app that helps travelers plan their next layover while traveling to their destination. Based off of 4/6/12 hour layovers time slots, passengers no longer have to sit in the airport and can explore the city around them before hopping on their next flight.

ImaginArt – unwind and let your fingers create a work of art while flying in the sky. Relax and get creative using stickers and paint tools to create custom art, for both kids and adults. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, turn it into a puzzle.

VisibilityOne – we develop custom software for clients, which we are proud to say one of them (below) has launched earlier this year and has won various awards and accolades.

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